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The email newsletter is a great digital marketing tool for remaining connected with existing customers and introducing potential clients to your business. E-newsletters are cost-effective and allow your company to build credibility by demonstrating industry knowledge. Whether monthly or quarterly, the e-newsletter keeps your company in the minds of consumers, enhancing customer relationships and driving repeat sales. Email newsletter marketing also works to turn prospects into customers by fostering a positive relationship with your readers.

E-newsletters are more than just an email update sent to clients and prospects. They can be repurposed and incorporated into your overall digital marketing strategy through archival on your website and distribution in social media channels. E-newsletters help remind customers why they continue to seek your products and services.

CONRIC is experienced in creating dynamic newsletters that attract subscribers and turn prospects into customers. Our digital marketing team crafts e-newsletters using simple and effective layouts paired with interesting and interactive multi-media content. Our newsletters keep your branding consistent while engaging readers and driving them to your website.

Call CONRIC today and see how we can help you show readers what you have to offer.

For examples of monthly e-newsletters that CONRIC creates for clients, visit our portfolio.