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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a simple, direct, and affordable approach to digital marketing that offers your company measurable results and a considerable ROI.

Why should your company consider utilizing email marketing?

  • Email can reach a wide audience. Email reaches a wide audience in a short period of time. Due to the low cost of resources needed to create an email marketing campaign, your company can send to more clients at a low cost.
  • Email marketing is more cost-effective than other outlets. Email marketing is inexpensive! It costs less than direct mail campaigns and is sometimes more effective.
  • Links can be imbedded. By imbedding links in your company emails, you can drive traffic back to the website, increasing the potential for new sales.
  • Your audience is customizable. Using targeted email lists, you can aim your message at your ideal consumers rather than the more general audience of some social media outlets.

Social media alone will not help you reach your target consumers. CONRIC uses email marketing to help you narrow your audience and get the most for your money. CONRIC’s digital marketing team uses a data service to craft an email list of the consumers you want to attract. We then craft a message that speaks to that target market and positively promotes your brand.