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Video Blogging

Many companies use blogs to interact with customers and build goodwill within their target market. Certain topics, such as tutorials or more complex subjects, are not as effective in a textual medium.

Video blogging, or vlogging, is a dynamic way to take your digital marketing to the next level. When text alone cannot convey your company’s message, video’s multi-dimensional nature provides a creative alternative. Video blogs are personal, direct, and engaging. With a relatively low production cost, this efficient communication outlet may be just want you need to jumpstart or revitalize your next marketing campaign. Ultimately, vlogs will help your SEO and drive traffic back to your website.

As a full service firm, CONRIC takes care of all of the steps in the vlogging process. Our digital marketing team creates a plan for your vlog post, writes the script, and records and edits the content. After creating your vlog, our team distributes the final product across social media and tracks the video’s influence.

Not sure if video blogging is right for your company? Schedule a meeting with our digital marketing team and we will start brainstorming your next vlog project.