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CONRIC offers consultation services for all of your public relations needs. Even if your business wants to handle your public relations in-house, it is still imperative that you create a strategic plan that sets your company up for success. CONRIC’s public relations consultation services help get your business on the right track. Our team begins by meeting with you and listening to your goals and desires before helping you develop a plan for public relations.

Our PR consulting team can help you:

  • Identify the audience your company should be directing content to.
  • Determine how often you should distribute press releases and what type of content you should be sharing.
  • Create a strategy for your public relations that meets your company’s individual goals and budget.
  • Discuss ways to use social media to enhance your public relations.
  • Develop a crisis communication plan to handle any negative press or feedback.

Every company has different public relations needs, and your PR plan should be customized to fit your company’s individual goals and desired outcomes. After consultation, CONRIC will provide you with public relations package options that are customized to fit your company’s needs.