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Crisis Communication

Every business needs to have a plan in place to effectively handle negative feedback or commentary that can arise in social media, on the web, and in print press. Whether a bad review from a dissatisfied customer or negative comments from a disgruntled employee, a public challenge to your company’s reputation should be planned for and dealt with in a thorough manner.

CONRIC helps businesses both big and small develop a crisis communication plan and handle all aspects of crisis communication management when these sorts of challenges arise. When an issue occurs, your company should know who will be answering any questions from the media or customers and what statement will be given. Each situation is different and should be dealt with on an individual basis. Our public relations team can help your company decide what the best plan of action is during this time.

Crisis communication also involves anticipating possible issues that may arise due to a particular current event. This includes deciding how your company plans to establish communication and avoid discomfort and stress during a natural disaster, accident, or other unfortunate incident. Our crisis communication services give you the comfort of knowing that you are ready if this type of issue were to occur.