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Press Releases

Press releases spread credible and trusted information about your company and help to build brand recognition, awareness, and positive public perception. In the digital age, the press release has evolved, becoming an increasingly more important public relations tool. Press releases are no longer static print information passed along through fax. Today, press releases need to include SEO and hyperlinks as they are distributed through email, websites, and social media. CONRIC’s team stays up to date with the latest tools and techniques for creating and distributing successful press releases.

At CONRIC, press releases are a group effort. We work as a team to craft the message, spread the information to local, regional, and national press, and distribute to online outlets and through social media. When you choose CONRIC to write and distribute your press release, you are choosing a company with years of experience in the field that has a team dedicated to building a positive reputation for your company.

As a full service firm, our press release cost includes a professional writer and editor who will craft the ideal message and optimize it for the web before our PR team spreads your press release through both print and digital outlets. Our press releases open doors for feature articles, interviews, and overall, more positive press for your brand. By regularly publishing press releases, we can help you achieve a consistent showing of your company both online and in print for a reasonable price.