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When your company wants to hold an event or unveil a new product or service, it is essential that you develop a plan for promoting your business and what they have to offer. An effective promotion will communicate the value of your newsworthy offering to a widespread group of existing customers and prospective clients.

CONRIC can assist your company with planning and implementing successful promotions that achieve your goals while bringing positive attention to your business. We reach out to the media and community for events, special occasions, product launches, and grand openings.

As a full service firm, CONRIC’s approach to promotions is all encompassing. Our team starts by crafting a press release to get the word out about what is newsworthy from your business. Then we create flyers and other visuals to promote your special occasion or product and service information and draw the community to your business. CONRIC works to spread your promotion across social media, websites, newsletters, and advertisements. By using a variety of outreach tools, our team gives your company the best chance of creating a buzz in the community.