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Media Buys

Are your advertisements reaching your intended audience? Strategic media buys ensure that your ads are placed in the right medium at the right time to create the greatest opportunity for ad exposure to your target market. Misplaced media buys are a waste of time, energy, and money. Why take that chance? CONRIC negotiates the placement and pricing of media buys for TV, radio, newspaper, web, industry trade publications, and more.

We work with the media to see which programming is appropriate for your target audience demographic, and then we strategically place your ads within the most appropriate multi-media platforms. This ensures that your company gets the most exposure to your target market. In addition to negotiating rates and strategic placement of ads, CONRIC can also help you develop a budget based on your goals and resources and monitor exposure after your ads have been placed.

In this economic climate, we know how important it is to stay within your advertising budget. CONRIC has experience working with limited budgets to produce successful media buys. By working with the media to place your ads in a medium that best reaches your target audience, your company can get the most for its money.