5 PR tips we watched on Netflix

January 25, 2021 CONRIC PR

The Queen’s Gambit

Strategy is key.

Chess prodigy Beth Harmon has a strategy and countermove for every game’s opener. So too should your PR plans. 

Public relations strategies never take a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, focusing on media relations when you should be using government relations could be detrimental to your campaign. Working with an experienced PR team will help you understand exactly which strategies to use to get the results you need. That team will be sure your company is three steps ahead of any move that could happen.



Media mentions are highly influential.

The mysterious Lady Whistledown reminded us just how influential media can be when forming public opinion. For young debutants in the show, a mere mention by the writer was enough to turn the heads of suiters. In public relations, media mentions can make the difference between a positive or negative reputation in the community. 

Be sure you’re building a solid and authentic reputation with the media. Serving as their resource for stories and interviews will get you and your business far, and is likely to turn more than a few heads along the way. 


The Crown

Public figures require careful planning.  

Queen Elizabeth’s seemingly small actions were always carefully considered and discussed with advisors. From a public appearance to writing a letter, the implications for the queen were huge. 

The queen is a very obvious public figure, but each business owner or company spokesperson should also conduct themselves as a public figure and an extension of the brand they represent. Partnering with the right organizations, attending the right events and voicing expert opinions all go far to help build reputation and positioning as an industry leader. Seasoned PR professionals understand this and can council businesses through any phase of its lifecycle from startup to sale.


Peaky Blinders

Trust your strategist’s plan.

Even when doom and gloom seem inevitable, Tommy Shelby has a plan. Throughout the show, viewers are waiting for the moment that Tommy is served his final slice of humble pie, but even in the darkest times his plans prevail.

Your business’ publicity and reputation should never be left to chance. Always have a plan, even if you think you’ll never need it. Crisis communication planning focuses on what could happen (natural disasters, man-made disasters), how your organization should handle it, who should speak, what they should say and who they should speak to. 

Every company should have a crisis communication plan! If you don’t have one, start now. If you don’t know how to start, we can help.


Umbrella Academy

Play to your strengths and the strengths of others. 

Characters one through seven each have their own unique superpower in this family action adventure. The “siblings” lean on each other’s strengths to work through tricky situations and they’re often reminded how much they need each other. 

The same goes with your marketing, public relations and advertising. Even if you have an in-house marketer, they’re just one person and likely don’t have advanced skills in every area, or the bandwidth to launch major campaigns. Collaborating with experts can be the difference between fail and flourish. 

Keep your eyes open to PR and marketing tips that are all around you and as always, if there’s anything we can do to help, give CONRIC’s team of professionals a call at 239-690-9840 ext. 1001, or email us at info@conricpr.com to schedule your complimentary consultation today.




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