A Quickstart Guide to Podcasting

March 22, 2021 CONRIC PR

In our digital age we find ourselves looking at how we can repurpose all forms of media to serve as marketing tools. One tool that you may not even realize is in your toolbox is podcasting. 

So what is podcasting and how can it help you? 

Podcasting is traditionally done in an audio format, is informal in presentation and offers knowledge that your audience will find useful. Recently, we’ve also seen a surge in visual implementation of new podcasts, sometimes called “vodcasts.” Regardless of the format, a successful podcast should be true to your brand and mission, offer a unique voice or perspective, fulfill a desire of your audience and provide insight your audience couldn’t usually get. 

So why should you podcast? 

  • Encourage engagement between your audience and your brand
  • Increase awareness on whatever topic you are talking about
  • Position your/your team as experts in your field
  • Establish trust in your brand
  • Simple set up and implementation

It’s true that podcasting is fairly simple compared to other forms of digital media. Videos are engaging but can become costly and time-consuming for companies not built for video production. Podcasting, however, can be done with a few simple items. As a bonus, editing audio takes about half the time that video editing consumes. 

It’s important to work with your team to decide what format you want to use. You also need to work up a recording and distribution strategy – much like setting up your marketing plan! 

Depending on the goals you have for your podcast, you can choose between different formats to produce it.  The most common podcast formats include: 

  • Monologue – One host, one topic per podcast
  • Multi-host – Probably the most popular podcast format. This has multiple, consistent voices on it and can cover a variety of topics within each episode. 
  • Interview – This can be a singular or multi host format. Topics usually center around whatever guest is interviewing that episode. A great example of this is CONRIC’s SWFL Strong Podcast where we connect our viewers and listeners with inspirational business owners and people in our area. 
  • Roundtable/Conversational – Lots of voices in this format! Be careful not to get the message lost or have your hosts/guests talk over each other. 
  • Storytelling – If you are a good writer then this may be the perfect opportunity for you to flex those skills and engage listeners in an audio format. Because these require more planning per episode, we only recommend the storytelling format if you have the talent and manpower to do so. 

When you’re ready to set up your Podcast, you’ll need the right tech: 

  • Good microphone. We recommend a high quality condenser or multi-purpose microphone. You could get one like a Blue Yeti that is a USB microphone, which means it’s “plug and play” when it comes to feeding good quality audio directly into your computer. DO NOT rely on your computer microphone for recording. It’s not built for high quality audio like you will need. 
  • Mixer board. This will be necessary if you want more than one person on your podcast. If you want the crème de la crème of these, then spring for a Rodecaster Pro board. This board serves as a fully integrated podcast production studio. It will process and store your audio, allows up to 4 people to plug their microphones in, and has a built-in soundboard. It’s also super user-friendly for anyone from beginners to advanced level podcasters.
  • Audio editing software. Besides your microphone, this is probably the most important piece of tech for your podcast. Free software like Audacity will allow you to complete the basics of audio editing. However if you are looking for more control, you may want to consider getting Adobe Audition.

Format: Check. 

Tech: Check.

Now it’s time to get to recording! Just have fun with it and with your co-hosts or guests! After you have a few episodes recorded, edited, and ready for distribution, we recommend not only creating a landing page/website for your podcast, but also submitting your show to popular distribution channels like Apple Podcasts, Google and Spotify. CONRIC uses Podbean.com for our podcast because it serves as a landing page and distribution platform all in one. Make sure to subscribe to our SWFL Strong Podcast page and look for us on other platforms!

Don’t let fear of the unknown scare you away from trying something that could bring more success to your brand. If you need help getting started in the digital space, contact our amazing digital marketing team at info@conricpr.com or give us a call at (239) 690-9840 ext 1001.

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