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May 31, 2018 CONRIC PR

Now that you’ve created a personal profile on LinkedIn, start promoting your business by building a company page. Company pages allow you to engage with your target audience, draw in new business and emphasize your unique brand. Here are some important features to include on your company page:

Keep your graphics consistent

The graphics you use for your company page on LinkedIn should be consistent with all other online platforms, which forms brand recognition. In fact, according to, company pages that consistently use their logo receive six times more traffic than those that don’t.

The cover photo feature gives you the chance to be creative, just like with an individual profile. Some ideas for a company page cover photo:

  • Showcase awards won
  • Industry-related graphics or photos
  • A word cloud with related words
  • Add phone number and URL to the cover photo
  • Add a call to action, tag line or hashtag


Craft a strong “About us” section

Use this section to highlight what your company does, how you’re different from other companies and how customers will benefit from your goods or services. You can feature your website URL, the location of your company’s headquarters, the year it was founded and the company type and size. If you’d like, you can even change the URL to link to something you are promoting. This can be especially helpful when launching a new product or service. Make sure your main URL is in the cover photo if you do so.


Add keywords to the specialties section

Using keywords in the specialties section can make your company easier to find on LinkedIn’s vast network. List your services, industry keywords or trending words related to your business. For example, if you were a fashion designer, you would include keywords like clothing, apparel, handbags, jewelry and accessories.


Post content as often as possible

Ideally, you should post content at least once per day. Content should relate to the business world in some way. Trends in the industry, company updates and new hire announcements are just some ideas for content that relates to your company. Posting before the start of the workday and around lunch time are best to reach high levels of engagement. As always, keep your voice professional.

Something to keep in mind: photos and videos are known to have high engagement on LinkedIn. In addition to posting your photo or video, you’ll want to include hashtags in your posts. Including relevant hashtags will allow someone searching for that hashtag to come across your content. Websites like can help you search for relevant hashtags.


After you’ve created a basic company page, share it with your employees and give access to additional admins. To build upon your existing page with more advanced features, check out some ideas on this blog.

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