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July 1, 2014 CONRIC PR

“It’s a long, slow sunset for ink-on-paper magazines,” said flamboyant publishing magnate Felix Dennis, “but sunsets can produce vast sums of money.” Sadly, the sun set on Dennis a few days ago, but he had lived quite the colorful life. And he did net an estimated $800 million, despite some profligate spending habits. The publisher of PC World, Maxim, Blender, Men’s Fitness, The Week and many others possessed an uncanny ability to tap into potential magazine markets by keeping a sensitive finger on the pulse of any waiting demographic.

His sentiment about the setting sun has more to do with opportunity than loss. General interest publications may be scrambling to solve the problem of revenue that comes with changing consumer habits. However, targeted niche publishing is a thriving business, as is custom publishing – both as ink-on-paper and digital products.

Our publishing team

CONRIC’s founder Connie Ramos-Williams has a history of identifying and serving niche demographics. She founded the still-successful Southwest Florida Parent & Child Magazine, and she bolstered revenue at the Fort Myers News-Press as its former Niche Advertising Director. As for myself, CONRIC’s Communications Editor, I have an extensive background in trade and custom publishing, covering industries such as fiber-optic technology for Lightwave Magazine and supply chain logistics for Modern Materials Handling, the first magazine in Norman Cahners’ publishing empire. In collaboration with our talented Creative Director April Bordeaux, and with Advertising Director Linda Fiore providing effective exposure to the magazines’ supporters while garnering profits for our clients, CONRIC’s Publishing team is uniquely positioned to produce magazines that inform, educate and entertain their target audiences.

What is a custom magazine?

A custom magazine serves as direct communication with customers, employees, investors, members and stakeholders. Law enforcement agencies, franchisors, corporations, hospitals, non-profits, educational institutions, professional associations and many other types of entities can benefit from a custom magazine that elevates their prestige and marketplace position while adding to the bottom line.

Do you have a niche?

Likewise, CONRIC can help entrepreneurs who have identified a waiting demographic in need of a niche publishing focus.

Is a magazine right for you?

To discover how a magazine can work as a business development tool for your company or organization, or how to capture a niche readership, contact Publisher Connie-Ramos Williams at (239) 690-9840.

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