Getting the most out of social media for your club or organization

May 26, 2014 CONRIC PR

To get the most out of social media for your club or organization it is best to recruit or partner with a social media savvy volunteer. Congratulations on being recruited!

Why use social media you ask?  Because it is a FREE form of communication, it is easily accessible and it is immediate.

Many clubs have come a long way, evolving from traditional methods of phone trees and snail mail to using social and electronic mediums to communicate with members, the community, and the media. They are using E-Newsletters, Google+, Facebook and Twitter to gain influence, establish trust and become leaders in their communities.

For those who are just beginning, the first thing to remember is that social media is all about “socializing.” This means interacting with, listening to, as well as giving feedback to members. Keep your page and content up to date in order to keep everyone informed and most importantly attract new members.

Having a social media page gets your organization additional exposure as your page appears in your fans news feed and in a Google search.

As we see in Quicksprout’s Facebook graphic below, there are several types of posts that can maximize your audience reach.

FB Reminders

Items that you can post to maximize your exposure across all social networks include:

  • Updates on fundraising goals or special projects
  •  Links to stories on your club’s website
  •  Photos from service projects and events (Remember to tag the people in these photos)
  •  Community news and events (even if it’s not about your club)
  •  News about Service Leadership Projects your organization supports.

Look to your parent organization’s website for additional tips, tool kits and guides. You can use these recommendations and resources to create or refresh your club’s content.

No matter which medium you use, remember to connect with influential people, tell your club’s story and post often.


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