Moving Forward to 2021

December 28, 2020 CONRIC PR

As we move forward to 2021, let’s do so with intention, optimism and a clear vision for success. Take the valuable lessons learned in 2020 and put them to good use to develop a solid business-marketing plan that will help you emerge as an industry leader or maintain your status as one.  If you are not sure how to get started or what you should include in your 2021 plan, here are a few suggestions. 

  • Don’t do it alone

Consult with a trusted creative marketing agency or advisor who can assist you in the development, implementation and management of your marketing plan so that you can do what you do best. Did you know that CONRIC pr + marketing’s team of professional graphic designers, writers, web developers, media specialists, digital marketing experts and brand strategists could serve as your company’s marketing department for less than the cost of hiring one full time marketing position?

  • Refresh your website

It may be the ideal time to invest in a new website or give your current website a refresh. Your website has the potential to see more traffic and revenue growth than your storefront in 2021 so make sure its appealing and easy to navigate. CONRIC pr + marketing’s web developers can evaluate your current website and help you transition or expand your business online in order to stay relevant. 

  • Expand your online reach

Make sure your social media platforms are kept current and contain valuable and engaging content. To ensure your sales and marketing messages reach your ideal clients and target audiences, you should invest in boosting social media posts or online Google or social media advertising. With even a small start-up budget you can see a huge difference in post reach, engagement and leads.

  • Invest in your success

Don’t be the company that is left behind. As much as you may be tempted, it’s not the time to slash your marketing and advertising budget, unless you want to close the doors to your once thriving business. Remember, if you are out of sight, you will most definitely be out of mind too. Let your customers and your competitors’ customers know that you are open for business and ready to serve them.  Continue or increase your efforts to gain more market share.  Stay connected with customers through email campaigns and social media.

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