Professional photos: Why are they important for my website?

December 17, 2018 CONRIC PR

A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single picture. Imagine the time and trouble you can save by showing a simple photo instead of trying to expound on exactly what your business does.
An effective photo requires creativity, but if done professionally, it can mean the world to your business. Using high-quality, high-resolution photos on your company’s website instantly connects you with your target audience. Potential customers come to your website to see your product or service and examples of what you have to offer, and photos that tell the story give your clients what they want.
You have only seconds to capture their attention. A great photo can be the reason why a customer chooses you over the competition. Your website images can evoke a range of different thoughts, emotions, and desires. Say you’re selling a sandwich. Is it a low-resolution photo of the sandwich in a wrinkled wrapper, taken in a
hurry with little forethought or direction? Or is it a high-quality photo, positioned at just the right angle with the right amount of lighting that showcases the melting cheese, the fresh, crispy lettuce and the vine-ripened tomato in just the right mouthwatering way? Which photo would make you hungry?

Photos enhance your SEO

If you label your images with search-friendly metadata and captions, you’re creating more content for search engines to index. Your photos get twice the attention because they not only appear in web search results but also image searches. Think of how you look for products and services today — search engines are the key to how the world does business, and it’s vital that your business is on top of them.

Social media and photos

The right image can play a key role when it comes to spreading the word about your business on social media. Instagram, for example, is one of the leading social media platforms and it’s strictly a photo and video-sharing network. If you have a compelling image on your Instagram, your followers are likely to share it — along with your information — with their friends.

Give customers the right impression

Great images can further the promotion of your facility and brand online. They present a powerful opportunity to drive visitors to your website and straight to the door of your business.
Appearance can make or break the design and overall feel of your website. Quality images create a mood and signal your level of professionalism and credibility. Don’t let subpar photos give your customers the impression that you don’t care about your work.
If you want a top-quality website and vibrant social media platforms with the photography your company deserves, contact us and let’s get started!

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