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April 12, 2021 CONRIC PR

Marketing happens everywhere all the time. So, why should a team of marketers be forced to sit at a desk in an office? Opinion based on experience: They shouldn’t.  

 Many years ago, I received some of the best remote work advice in my life. It was a time that I was interviewing for entry-level marketing positions and was hungry for advice from seasoned business professionals.  

 A retired friend told me, “Never take a phone call in your PJs. People fart in their PJs.” 

 After a good laugh, the lesson sank in. When working remotely, get dressed, put your game-face on and be ready to work.  

 Remote work is not for everyone, and that’s okay. Some people need the structure of an 8-5, M-F office schedule in an environment that puts them outside of their comfort zone. However, many are finding that they can be just as productive, if not more, without the commute to and from the office.  

 If you’re transitioning a team to remote work, it will become evident very quickly which team members are and are not productive working remotely. If you’re hiring for remote work, bring questions about remote work into the interview process. EX: How do you manage your time?, Do you have a home office?, Can you work on projects and log your progress for the team to see?

 Here are some tips from managing a highly-efficient and successful marketing team remotely: 


 1: All team members should set designated work space and respect it. 

 Even if it’s just a spot at the kitchen table, designate a space that removes you from the distractions of your household. I recommend that the space position you so your back is to everything around you. This way, you’re not staring at that basket of unfolded laundry or dishes in the sink and letting the distraction of house chores interrupt your focus.  


2: Get your communications systems in place right away. 

 When CONRIC pr + marketing shifted from office to remote work before the pandemic, overcommunication was key. Our team retained the weekly huddle meetings we’d always had in the conference room, but met over Google Hangouts instead. Today, we’re as connected as ever. We use chats to replace the “drive-by” meetings or office visits in the mornings, hangouts to collaborate on projects and a shared calendar to stay accountable and transparent. We work together on shared documents as if we were sitting together at a conference table.  


3: Take the time to engage on a human level. 

 Just because we’re far apart doesn’t mean we’re strangers. Keep personal communication part of regular interaction to avoid isolation and maintain a sense of connection and community. At CONRIC, we still sing off-key for every birthday, talk about (and show) our pets and children, discuss weekend plans during down times and give recommendations on new restaurants that have opened nearby our homes. We take the time to appreciate and enjoy those we work with, and it makes a big difference in our ability to work well together when we’re miles apart. 

 In addition to marketing and public relations recommendations, CONRIC pr + marketing provides business consultations. Want to chat about remote work and transitioning your team? Give us a call at 239-690-9840 or email 

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