Seize the Day! Integrating national days into your marketing

October 24, 2017 CONRIC PR

There seems to be a day of observance for just about anything and everything, especially on social media. From Cheese Lover’s Day, Read a Book Day to National Puppy Day, there is ultimately a national holiday for everyone, every brand and every company.

These often-silly celebrations have generated new and exciting opportunities for marketing professionals to reach a broader audience, create more social buzz and gain more business in the process.

A few pointers:

1.) Create a calendar – A calendar that contains relevant national holidays will help you develop a strategy for each “holiday” to create greater impact.

2.) Plan ahead – Take some time to go through the National Day Calendar and identify the days that make the most sense in your marketing. Set up a reminder for each one.

3.) Do your research – While most national days are generic in nature, some can be specific to a particular service, product, company or client. Research the origins of the national holiday and what it means, especially if it could be taken out of context or controversial.

4.) Promote your chosen days – Promote your chosen dates in advance and encourage your followers, clients and employees to join in using the appropriate hashtag when the time comes. Having a contest is another great way to generate social media buzz.

5.) Become a voice – There are plenty of lighthearted national holidays, but also a good number that tie back to worthy causes, such as World Food Day (#WorldFoodDay), which raises awareness for childhood hunger, and World Cancer Day (#KissCancerGoodbye). Be selective. If there are a handful of these serious commemorations that relate to causes you feel strongly about or that align with your brand image somehow, leverage the appropriate hashtags to help raise awareness.

The timeliness and relevance of national “holidays” can foster an excellent opportunity for developing content that is well-timed and highly shareable, which can work wonders for you, your company or your client.

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