The Digital Revolution and Your Business

January 4, 2021 CONRIC PR

We are experiencing a digital revolution like never before. The radical change brought about by the pandemic, has shown us all the value of having a responsive digital marketing strategy in place. The heart of business has always been centered on relationships and human interaction. However, in today’s world of social distancing, face to face transactions have been limited or halted altogether forcing us all to connect in different ways. Here are some of the ways business professionals can stay connected and engaged to maintain and grow their relationships:

  • Interactive Websites

People buy based on what they can see, and a 3D rendering is much more immersive than a 2D picture. If you have an online store, consider having a 360 degree view of your products to help your consumer really get a “feel” for them. If you are in the business of real estate or rentals, consider adding a “virtual tour” section to your website so people can view different properties. Make it as easy as possible for investors or buyers to make purchasing decisions without ever stepping foot on the property itself.

  • Targeting Social Media Audiences

Know what social media platforms your target audience is using and which platforms work best for your industry. Organic traffic to your social platforms are great, but with so much noise and competition flooding the Internet, paid boost or ads may work best to get your message directly in front of your specific audience. Platforms like Linkedin and Facebook allow you to directly target email lists you may already have and can prove to be the most cost effective for your marketing efforts. 

  • Ditch the Sales Pitch

No one likes to be bombarded with pushy sales advertisements, email blasts, and social posts. Instead we suggest talking about market trends that position you as an expert in your field, tell your company’s compelling story or share your community outreach and impact. Your philanthropic efforts do more than help our community in need, it inspires others to give, and builds trust. So go ahead and promote your good deeds! While you’re at it, give a shout out to your company’s team members to show them and your clients how much they mean to you and your business.

  • Put out Dynamic Content

Content is king! It comes in all forms and can be distributed on a variety of multimedia platforms. It can be fun, informative or inspirational and be written or recorded as audio or video. The question to ask yourself is this. What platforms are your target audiences spending time on, and what form of content captures their attention best? To optimize content, we suggest writing an article using keywords and pairing it with a high resolution photo, image or video. We also suggest distributing the content on your website and then sharing it in eblasts, social media, blogs and with traditional media, which all link back to your website to increase its visibility and traffic. 

  • Get Creative

The positive thing about adjusting to life during and after a pandemic, is the opportunity it gives us to try new things as we refresh the way we do business! Perhaps you can host a virtual client or team happy hour using Zoom, or live stream a charity or community event at your business. Maybe you can experiment and try out a new feature on a social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram Stories to share how your brand is helping the community at large. The time to shake things up is now! 

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