The Importance of Utilizing Video Content

June 9, 2022 CONRIC PR

As you maintain your company’s online presence, the need for professional-grade content continues to grow. There has been a recent surge in demand for video content. When leveraged alongside blogs and engaging imagery, videos are an easy way to engage followers by catching their attention quickly and efficiently. 

Videos tell a story that audience members want to learn more about. Studies have shown that viewers retain around 95% of the information given in videos versus the 10% they retain by just reading. Additionally, videos are great for increasing viewer trust, because videos show a company’s intent and personality far more than any stationary graphics can.

Here are some stats and facts about video content that highlight the benefits of leveraging videos in your digital content:

  1. 54% of consumers prefer video content, according to HubSpot.
  2. Video content garners the most engagement on Instagram, according to Mention.
  3. According to a study from HubSpot, 84% of customers claim that they’ve been persuaded to purchase a product after seeing a video from the brand.
  4. WordStream found that ⅓ of all online activity is spent watching videos.
  5. A study from HubSpot found that 54% of consumers would like to see more video content from marketers.

While video marketing might not be for everyone, it is important to engage clients or potential customers through inviting content. Getting started is definitely the most difficult hurdle you’ll confront, but by following these next few steps, you’ll begin creating video content in no time!

Start with an idea

You can’t start a video series or stand-alone videos without some sort of plan. Try to think of topics that have to do with your brand or company’s identity. Whenever you think you’ve found something interesting, jot it down for future use.

Move to production

First impressions are important. The style and professionalism of a video are what viewers will initially respond to and determine if they will click it. To increase attention and engagement, you should prepare to film videos on quality equipment versus your computer camera. When in a pinch, a newer phone could be used with relatively good quality. 

You should also utilize high quality audio equipment to avoid any fuzzy sounds or background noise in your videos. Starting with a mid-level microphone is a good first step to practicing your audio finesse. Once you feel as if you’re ready for something a little more heavy duty, upgrade your equipment accordingly.

Entering post-production

Once you’ve collected your video and audio materials, you’ll move to the third and final step of video-making: editing. When editing your videos, focus on maintaining a level of fun along with functionality. Don’t be afraid to edit out material that you feel won’t further the overall message behind your video. Viewers will only continue watching your material if they feel as if it is informational as well as engaging.

You’ve done it! By following the steps above, you’ve created a video that will increase consumers’ interest in your business. When posting this content on social media or your website, be sure to include appropriate captions and descriptions where applicable. 

With the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, along with YouTube becoming the second most popular online search engine, it’s more important than ever to start implementing video into your website and social media platforms. Don’t know where to start? Give the digital marketing experts a call at 239.690.9840 or schedule a free consultation at

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