The Reality of Fake News

April 23, 2021 CONRIC PR

Fake news is nothing new. For years there have been published stories in the media that just aren’t true yet millions of people take them as gospel and make life altering decisions based on those falsehoods. But in recent years, with the explosion of social media almost anyone, including you, can publish their thoughts or share stories to the world. The trouble is, most people don’t check the source of the material that they view online before they share it, which can lead to fake news spreading quickly or even “going viral.”

As fake news spreads, it has a trickle-down effect, causing people to invent excuses, to dismiss others’ ideas, to exaggerate the truth, and to spread rumors. This can create divided, anxious workplaces where people are cynical and unsure of who to trust. 

This misinformation can also harm your business. Made up reviews of products or false financial statements can do serious damage to your organization’s reputation, and ultimately, its bottom line.

Spotting the fake news takes a critical mindset. It’s often believable so approach what you see and hear rationally and critically.

Earlier we mentioned the fact that almost anyone can publish stories on social media. This leads to issues with sources for stories. Common mistakes fake news outlets make are spelling errors in company names, photoshopped images that look official but aren’t, and odd website extensions like “.infonet” and “.offer,” rather than “.com” or “.org.”

One of the best ways to weed out the real from the fake is to take a look at the reporting done by the mainstream media outlets. National media such as the Associated Press, Reuters, PBS and the New York Times have all earned valued reputations over the years and can be trusted to report the facts. Your local newspaper of record and network TV affiliates are also quality sources for disseminating real news.

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