‘Tis the season for preparing your holiday marketing campaign

December 4, 2017 CONRIC PR

The holiday season is not only a popular time of year but an important one for a lot of businesses. Digitally, we tend to see a noticeable increase in both online sales and engagement. Introducing a well-coordinated social media campaign during the holidays can help your message cut through the typical holiday clutter and reach your customers effectively. Think of your business’ social media accounts as your little elves and put them to work leading up to Christmas and New Year’s! The holidays make for a perfect opportunity to increase your brand awareness through targeted ads, boosted Facebook and Instagram posts and attractive content for consumers to engage with. This also allows you to increase engagement on your social media platforms so, go ahead, start a conversation with your customers and give your brand a personal identity.

Here are a few wish list items to add to your business’ holiday campaign:

Identify your audience – Determine who you want to reach and what to say to best connect with them. You may want to integrate different social media campaigns for different audiences, including potential clients, current clients or a more targeted clientele you are interested in tapping into. Tailor your ad campaigns, posts and messages to include things that resonate with each to maximize effectiveness.

Determine the “what” – Now that you’ve identified your audience, what do you want to target them with? Is it an experience? Perhaps a product? Or are you simply trying to get them into your store? Always make sure you are choosing the appropriate “what” to accompany your “who”.

Pick a platform – Choose the social media platforms you will utilize to reach your audience. This is the time to determine specifically what social channels your target audience uses the most. Once identified, you not only want to spend the most time but also the most money there. Targeted ads and boosted Facebook and Instagram posts will further increase your engagement and maximize the reach of your audience.

These tips are effective for your holiday strategy and all year round. Remember to incorporate these in all of your digital planning, because Santa is always watching!

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