To use or not to use web design templates…

April 10, 2017 CONRIC PR

At CONRIC PR & Marketing, we create custom websites as well as work with formatted templates. Often, we make customization to web design templates to provide our clients with the best sites for their brands and organizations. Here are some pros and cons businesses should know about using web design templates.

Template Pros:

Quick functionality, tons of possibilities

Many of the top websites first started with a simple template then artistic widgets and plug-ins were added to create a million dollar masterpiece. At CONRIC, our digital gurus understand first-hand websites are what drive customers, and these sites need to serve a variety of functions. With a simple search, thousands of templates can quickly be accessible. The best template will come built in with widgets and tons of options for businesses to use, creating both stress and worry free browsing. These templates also provide our clients with the groundwork to understand how to plug-in their company’s content into the site and allow them to decide which methods best feature your brand’s voice. Some key features of these templates are updates and support, which will prevent website crashes in the future. By using a platform such as WordPress, businesses also have access to support from the theme developers; this resource will save future headaches both for our clients and our team.

Template Cons:

Technological errors and setbacks

When using a custom website, businesses will be starting from the ground up… literally. Companies will need to choose from a variety to host their site such as HTML, CSS, and PHP to craft a site that best features their brand’s voice and necessities. Although website templates offer content management systems that can easily be changed without coding, if they are not done properly it can compromise the reliability of the chosen theme. At CONRIC, our team researches the ins and outs of templates prior to giving the client the ultimate decision of which best fits their business needs. It is crucial to understand when website themes were created and when the last updates were made. If an update hasn’t taken place in months, it is likely to cause some unforeseen issues down the road. If a theme’s developer is no longer active then it can no longer provide support with CMS updates or compatibility

Although building a website can be an intricate process, the decision to utilize a previously made template or creating a custom web design will be the most critical choice a business can make. It is important to do some homework and understand which the best fit is for both the business and the brand of each individual organization.

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