Top 3 Social Media Tips for Your Business

March 14, 2022 CONRIC PR

Utilizing social media is one of the most beneficial ways to increase your business recognition. In 2021, over 3.6 billion people actively used social media. Now more than ever  increasing your reach online has become easy and effective, but are you using the separate platforms correctly? Even though social media is a popular way to increase business sales and acknowledgement, misusing the various platforms can lead to unhappy followers and lower engagement.

The most important part of posting on social media is knowing your audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and every other social media platform have different audiences, and you shouldn’t be posting the exact same thing on each site. Here are our best tips for you to follow when posting for your business on social media. 


1. Analyze your audience

Before posting on different social media platforms, take some time to analyze the audiences on each one. While platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the perfect places to post fun, personal posts, LinkedIn should be utilized in a more professional way. Platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok are all vastly different in user experience, and content should be even more localized. 

To analyze your audience, take a look at your social media analytics and insights. Here, you’ll be able to gauge the demographics of your target audience. From here, it’s all about catering your posts to your target demographic. If your audience mainly consists of business-oriented individuals, create posts that will appeal to them and their interests such as recent company reports and informational resources. Have a more fun-loving audience? Focus on sharing personalized pictures and information that will feel like you’re sharing with a family member.


2. Keep up with recent trends

One of the most important rules to follow when posting on social media is making sure your content doesn’t go stale. Stale content is most common when your posts rely on the same bank of photos or key messaging. By keeping up with trends on all platforms, you can ensure that the content you post isn’t getting lost in the shuffle.

Easy ways to keep up with recent trends in your industry involve checking out the explore tab on all social media platforms. These explore pages can show you trending topics, video sounds, graphic design, and key messaging ideas. While it’s not encouraged to copy popular posts, it is encouraged to take notes on what’s doing well and paint your posts in a similar light.


3. Don’t rely on cross-posting

While posting the same thing on every platform might save time and be beneficial, there is major room for error. Followers on different platforms all have individual goals, reasons for following, and different personalities. By posting the exact same thing for every follower on every platform, businesses risk sounding stale. Why would a person follow a company on every platform when they’ll just be getting the same generic copy and graphic from each one?

When cross-posting, there are tons of ways to differentiate your posts. Simply changing the copy on each platform makes a major difference. On a platform like Instagram, short captions are quick to catch attention, while longer form posts perform better on Facebook and LinkedIn. Organizing the copy of a post to better benefit its target audience is a simple way to continue cross-posting with the same graphic or messaging purpose.


Posting on social media is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. By analyzing your audiences on each platform, you can see the kind of followers you’re catering to. Keeping up-to-date with trends will ensure you’re posting current content and let your followers know that your business is paying attention to popular media. To best utilize social media, don’t rely on cross-posting when you’re making small changes to the copy or graphic. This could drastically improve follower engagement. 

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