Top 4 marketing trends for 2018

January 2, 2018 CONRIC PR

The calendar says 2018 now, but does your marketing plan still say 2017? The world changes more quickly than ever, and the same is true of consumer habits. You may have resolved to get on the treadmill more often, but don’t let your company simply run in place. Pay attention to these emerging trends in the new year:

It’s all about the voice

And we’re not talking about that reality show on NBC. As smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home grow in popularity, voice-based searches and apps will become must-have items for consumers. Winning in this market will be critical in 2018.


Get in their ears

Podcast listeners are plentiful — around 67 million people ages 12 and over listen to podcasts each month – and loyal – 85 percent of people who start a podcast listen to all or most of it, according to Edison Research data cited by Inc. The smart companies will sponsor podcasts – or better yet, create one of their own.


App-y days are here again

Certain apps are now essential parts of daily life for many people – think news apps, banking apps, driving apps like Waze and Uber, and more. Brands will start purchasing ads in apps and cutting deals for exposure on other, more popular apps, says.


Make it personal

What’s one reason Facebook is so successful? Because it thrives on personal interaction. So should your company. The hard sell is a tough sell in a time when making a deeper connection is vital, so find a way to put your story out front.

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