Why You Should Personalize Your Content Marketing Strategy

October 19, 2020 CONRIC PR

One of the biggest challenges of marketing in a world of fast-paced omnipresent promotion is to break through the noise and connect with consumers. In a report from Marketo, 63% of survey respondents said that they are highly annoyed by the way brands blast generic advertising messages repeatedly. The solution? Deliver fewer ads that are more personalized and content that matters. 

According to an Epsilon survey of consumers aged 18-64:

  • 80% say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.
  • 90% claim they find personalization appealing.

So, how do you make your content more personalized? Start with the audience. There are numerous tools available to understand your audience’s behavior within your channels. Google AdWords can show you what people are or are not doing on your website. Consider a retargeting campaign for people that left your site before completing a purchase or filling out a form. 

An automated email campaign that is triggered by an action is a great way to provide custom content directly related to user engagement. If a visitor clicks on a recipe for tacos, consider following up with an email filled with top-rated recipes for Mexican dishes. This also helps to build loyalty with the consumer because they see that your brand understands what they want and delivers it to them.

Delivering great relevant content to your audience requires you to develop great content. Content marketing is so important that 88% of B2B content marketers agree that creating content makes their audience view their organization as a credible and trusted resource.

Consider expanding your marketing with regular blog posts on very specific topics your audience is searching for, longer form posts that take a deep dive into topics and even white papers and case studies that show solutions to your audience’s problems. Google will also give your site more credit with regular original content. 

Consider this:

  • Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those without blogs.
  • Content marketing rakes in conversion rates 6x higher than other methods.
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3x as many leads.

If your organization needs help developing a content marketing strategy and delivering it to your target audiences, give us a call at 239-690-9840 ext. 1001, or email us at info@conricpr.com. Consultations are complimentary, so there’s nothing to lose but time spent in front of your consumers!

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