Why you should respond to positive and negative Google reviews

May 16, 2022 CONRIC PR

They say all press is good press, and in the world of Google reviews, that is also true. Not only is it good for your business to receive and respond to positive reviews, it’s also beneficial for your business to respond to negative ones.

Why should you respond to all Google reviews, even if they’re negative? Responding to Google reviews is essential for your business to appear in the top positions in local search results. By responding to both negative and positive reviews, businesses also show their customers that they’re authentic, committed to listening to their concerns and always working to exceed their expectations.


Why is Responding to Reviews Important?

Since Google is the world’s most popular search engine, it’s important to respond to Google reviews specifically. Many people look at Google reviews during the research stage of their product search. Today, it’s not enough to have an amazing product or service. Customers are choosing to work with businesses based on their authenticity and transparency. This is why responding to both positive and negative reviews in a thoughtful and productive way is vital for your business’s online reputation management strategy.

Another reason why having a solid Google review presence is important is it helps business listings appear — along with recent customer reviews and their starred ratings and comments.


Should you Respond to Negative Google Reviews?

As customers are shifting more and more to a digital marketplace, the status of a company’s reviews is more important than ever. Now, people pay as much attention to Google reviews as they do to personal recommendations from their friends. 

Responding to negative Google reviews can also help turn an angry customer into a happy one and people reading these exchanges are paying close attention to how your company reacts to a bad situation. This helps build trust and authenticity and because of the way a business conducts itself,  it could even help them get some new customers.


Does Replying to Google Reviews Help with SEO?

Reacting to positive or negative reviews does improve a company’s search engine rankings, which means they can help a company appear in the top positions so they’re more likely to be seen first by their customers. 

A company’s responses also sends signals to the search engine that the business is actively responding to customers, which is great for a business’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and rankings on the Search Engine Results Page. 


Why Should I Leave a Google Review?

It’s helpful for customers to leave honest and objective reviews. This gives the business the opportunity to correct any issues and fix situations they may not otherwise be aware of. Leaving a Google review is a simple and convenient way for customers to speak to all types of businesses. 


How Do I Manage My Google Reviews?

Managing your Google reviews is a key part of online reputation management and a robust Google review strategy can even help drive sales and new business. Without a solid Google review plan, your business could be missing out on potential customers, sales and SEO opportunities. To get a Google review strategy and marketing plan in place for your business, call CONRIC today at (239) 690-9840.

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