#SWFLStrong Facebook Group to help SWFL unite, recover and rebuild

September 30, 2022 CONRIC PR


FORT MYERS, Fla. (Sept. 30, 2022) – “Hurricane Ian left unimaginable destruction in its wake leaving countless southwest Floridians without homes, jobs, or hope, but we won’t let it break us,” says CONRIC pr + marketing president and chief marketing officer Connie Ramos-Williams. “Our Southwest Florida community is resilient and emerged even stronger after past hurricanes and the 2020 pandemic ravaged our area. Together, we will emerge stronger again.”

CONRIC pr + marketing has revived the #SWFLStrong Campaign and Facebook Group page to unite the Southwest Florida community as it recovers and rebuilds after Hurricane Ian tore through the area. The online community platform, initially launched in response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, will share valuable resources, news, and information to assist families, businesses and communities recover and rebuild.

Navigating our lives in a time of uncertainty is a challenge. As we all adjust to changing living conditions for the next several weeks to months many people may feel overwhelmed. In an effort to keep our Southwest Florida community positive, calm and strong, we hope you’ll participate in our Facebook group by posting necessary information or as a source to help you find what you need.

CONRIC PR & Marketing hopes to partner with other agencies, organizations and social influencers to help spread the message that we are SWFL Strong. People can also post these positive messages on their social media platforms with the hashtag #SWFLStrong to show unity.

CONRIC PR & Marketing would love to see each, and every individual, business, and nonprofit unite together as one to be #SWFLStrong. For more information contact info@conricpr.com or call 239-690-9840 ext. 1001.

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