AIM Target Programs celebrates 28 Years of service in Southwest Florida during National Recovery Month

September 20, 2022 CONRIC PR

FORT MYERS, Fla. (Sept. 20, 2022) – September is National Recovery Month and a fitting time to celebrate 28 years of healing for AIM Target Programs, Southwest Florida’s premier treatment center for overcoming substance abuse, domestic violence, and anger management challenges.


“We are grateful to celebrate 28 years and attribute our success to all the hard work our staff selflessly gives day in and day out to improve people’s lives,” said Mary Ellen Saba, CEO of AIM Target Programs. “We strive to make positive change in our community and inspire people to be their best self.”


National Recovery Month is a national observance held every September to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the nation’s strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of service providers and communities who make recovery in all its forms possible. At the heart of AIM is a passion for healing people. AIM has assisted hundreds of businesses and approximately 15,000 individuals overcome issues associated with addiction through their counseling and technology-based programs.


AIM provides the Southwest Florida community with years of expert experience and a higher standard. Their drug tests return a 98.2 percent accuracy rate and offer a larger number of drug screenings than traditional tests. AIM’s counseling strives to break the cycle of addiction and provide individuals with tools for creating lasting behavioral change. Participants receive treatment to understand substance abuse and how to move forward with a fulfilling, productive life.


AIM Target Programs has been successfully healing people in the community for over two decades through evidence-based programs and a team that supports clients as they complete legal obligations. AIM also helps local businesses reduce poor work performance, absenteeism, costs associated with legal actions, medical expenses, and more by offering a full range of services related to drug testing, counseling services for substance abuse, domestic violence and anger management. For more information or to schedule a tour, call 239-939-3363.


AIM Target Programs

Founded in 1994, the mission of AIM Target Programs is to provide coordinated services for substance misuse, drug testing, BIP/domestic violence, anger management, and anti-theft. At AIM, we serve adults referred by their employers, the Department of Children and Families, the Court System; Probation, Attorneys Office, Department of Corrections, and DUI/Safety Council. All the services at AIM Target Programs are offered by credentialed, qualified, and experienced counselors. For more information, call 239 939-3363 or visit

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