Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner Support BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE®

June 5, 2018 CONRIC PR

Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured is proud to affiliate and support the City of Palms chapter of BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE® (B.A.C.A.®), who volunteer their time and effort to empower children at their most difficult hour.

“It’s a shame that it’s needed, but it is,” the City of Palms B.A.C.A.® chapter president said.

B.A.C.A.® strives to create a safer environment for abused children and gives them support during their dark times.  Members of B.A.C.A.® work with authorized agencies and officials who refer children to them, and that is where their mission begins.

Should a child be required to testify in their abuse case, members of B.A.C.A.® will accompany the child to court to help the child feel empowered.

“Most times the abuser will take a plea deal,” the chapter president said of those accused of abuse.

B.A.C.A.®’s ultimate mission is to empower abused children not to fear the world in which they live.  They are not involved to become the source of power for the children, but instead to help the children understand how powerful they can be by themselves.

“The biggest thing we do for a child is help empower them, to help them get back out,” the chapter president said.

The goal of Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the injured is to support B.A.C.A.® in a variety of in-kind services, providing donations to facilitate fundraising for the organization and bringing awareness to the important work B.A.C.A.® does.  The firm doesn’t simply write a check.  Instead, the firm is always ready to assist, and the chapter president and his members appreciate the consistent support that they receive from the Scheiner firm.

“He’s very, very involved with us,” the chapter president said.  The City of Palms chapter remains grateful to the Scheiner firm for their commitment and significant support of B.A.C.A.®.

Anyone who wants to get involved is invited to City of Palms B.A.C.A.® meetings, held the second Sunday of every month at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10127 on 996 Pondella Road in North Fort Myers.  Breakfast is served at 9 a.m., and the meeting starts at 10 a.m.

Visit for more information about the nonprofit organization.  They currently are in 47 states and 16 countries around the world.

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