Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner turns $50K offer into $557K verdict

May 15, 2018 CONRIC PR

Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, are committed to holding insurance companies accountable. The firm recently helped a Cape Coral man obtain a $557,000 verdict in his favor after State Farm proposed a settlement of only $50,000 for injuries and damages caused by an underinsured motorist.

Dennis Lesavich sustained injuries to the connective tissues of his neck and back when the pickup truck he was driving was rear-ended by another pickup in February 2015 on McGregor Boulevard in south Fort Myers. Doctors put Lesavich on a nearly yearlong travel restriction after the crash, limiting his ability to do his job as a traveling salesman.

“This was an appropriate verdict because Dennis suffered injuries that substantially impacted his life,” trial attorney P.J. Scheiner said.

Lesavich worked for a company that supplied breading for fried chicken sold at restaurants and grocery stores across the country. He was unable to continue in that job after the crash.

“After a period of time, Dennis found other work, but it just wasn’t the same,” Scheiner said. “When you have a job that you love and you’re good at, the work is worth more than just the paycheck.”

Attorney Ben Russell and the Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner team worked for more than three years to secure the proper restitution for Lesavich, who now lives in Kentucky. When State Farm made its $50,000 offer in December 2017, the attorneys took the case to trial. Scheiner believes the outcome could have a positive effect not just for Lesavich but for countless others whose lives are significantly altered because of an injury.

“When you hold the insurance company accountable, it encourages them to more fairly and appropriately evaluate future cases,” Scheiner said.

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