Back In Motion expands practice to Cape Coral

August 12, 2020 CONRIC PR

As an accomplished Doctor of physical therapy and former division 1 college athlete, Dr. Scott Gray lives by certain words and techniques that are not only helping patients find relief and mobility without resorting to surgery or dangerous drugs, but also grow his practice at a time when many businesses are struggling to find the right answers.

Gray, owner of Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, is expanding into a new location in Cape Coral. He is partnering with Dr. Krista Zivkovic, a family medicine specialist, at her location at 2546 Heydon Lane. Gray plans to begin treating patients there on Aug. 31. 

For Gray, physical therapy has been his passion since he faced debilitating injuries as a Division 1 football player at Butler University in Indianapolis, Ind. He was named the Bulldogs’ most outstanding offensive player in 2007, but his career was cut short because doctors were only treating the symptom not finding the source of his injuries. The medical solutions centered around “do more stretching” or “take more pain pills” and schedule more surgeries, he said.  

As an expert in the field of physical therapy, a published author and the lead physical therapist for the Mountain Dew Tour for extreme winter and summer sports, Gray takes a more systematic and holistic approach to treat people with lower back, neck, hip and shoulder pain. He goes beyond the symptom, finds the source of the pain, treats it and gets substantial and life-changing results.

“it’s our own trademarked approach,” he said about the Gray Method™. “We take patients through a systematic approach. We help business professionals, we help athletes, we help Medicare patients.”

Gray has five other physical therapists working with him using a revolutionary treatment model that finds the source of the problem and can often keep patients from unnecessary surgery. Although in many cases surgery is the only solution, Gray’s results-driven solutions are changing lives. Gray used one example of a woman, who had hip replacement surgery but immediately developed back problems. She returned to the surgeon who diagnosed a neurological problem and believed she needed additional surgery. The woman then visited Gray and he discovered the hip replacement surgery caused one leg to be longer than the other, causing stress or excessive torque to her back. He listened to her story and found the solution. “She needed a structural change to her shoe,” Gray said. “We put in a heel lift.” No more back pain.

His thoughtful ways of talking with patients, understanding their pain and then developing a therapy to treat the cause is especially important now because of the mental and physical stresses caused by COVID-19.

“I think it is exciting I can help more people, especially at a time when people may not want surgery because they are afraid of getting COVID-19,” Gray said. “With our evaluation system and our processes, we try to be more methodical and more strategic.”

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