Cali Group unveils CaliBurger 2.0

November 1, 2019 CONRIC PR
CaliBurger, a subsidiary of holding company Cali Group, announced it is unveiling its first “CaliBurger 2.0” in Fort Myers, Florida. The restaurant features a new menu incorporating the most celebrated products from CaliBurger in the Washington DC market and the CaliBurger Kitchen Lab in Pasadena, CA. The new menu includes the Santa Monica Burger, Malibu BLT burger and Beyond Cali, a 100% Vegan interpretation of the CaliDouble. CaliBurger is also unveiling its Crispy K-Town Chicken Sandwich with Asian Slaw and Spicy Gochujang sauce.

Guests to the new Caliburger 2.0 can order these new products on self-ordering kiosks incorporating PopID, a digital authentication platform allowing them to pay with a smile instead of a credit card. Streamlining the ordering process, PopID adds to the guest experience by remembering previous orders, personalizing the ordering experience, and avoiding fumbling for credit cards or money. A traditional ordering experience is also available with friendly staff. Additionally, for the first time, guests can watch two revolutionary robots cooking in the kitchen; one version of Flippy™ (developed by Cali Group portfolio company, Miso Robotics) cooks burgers to perfection on the grill, and another version of Flippy produces crispy french fries on the fry station. CaliBurger guests can also play e-sports games on their mobile devices and watch the results on an interactive video wall. These industry firsts are sure to enhance the guests’ experiences while they enjoy the delicious CaliBurger food.

Recently, CaliBurger signed an Area Development Agreement to enter the Florida market in partnership with Jeff Burns and Tim Frederic, formerly a multi-unit McDonald’s operator. “CaliBurger 2.0 is the future of food,” said Tim Frederic, CaliBurger’s operating partner for certain Florida territories. “Our kiosks deliver specific recommendations for our premium burger choices to customers and allow guests to pay without needing to take out their wallet a second time. Our robotic systems produce food that is higher quality, more consistent, and safer,” continued Mr. Frederic. “We look forward to showcasing Cali Group’s technologies for interactive gaming, face-based ordering and an automated kitchen in University Village in Fort Myers next month.”

The new CaliBurger restaurant will open in November and is located at 19800 Village Center Drive in Fort Myers, Florida. CaliBurger 2.0 is also coming soon to Seattle’s Westlake Center, The Boro at Tyson Virginia, and Pasadena CA.

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