Cornell Bunting’s new book tells of life after death

June 9, 2020 CONRIC PR

Cornell Bunting knows about death. He was there—for 16 minutes—before his heart miraculously started beating again. He knows about being wrongfully incarcerated, accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Life has taught Bunting hard lessons that have taken everything from him.

Bunting’s stories of survival are detailed in his latest book, Escaping a Life Sentence, which will be available on on June 17. The book tells a riveting story of how the Fort Myers, Fla. resident literally escaped a life sentence, was pronounced clinically dead and discovered his true destiny as a writer of children’s books and other novels. Publishing this book has special meaning to the author, its release date marks the fourth anniversary of his death.

“Cornell Bunting is truly a Renaissance man with the soul of a poet, the grit of a prizefighter and the sincerity of a sunrise,” said Angee Costa, author of Otherlen: Tale of a Dream Faller. “He pours his heart out in this raw revelation of his life story. If you can handle the truth, this book is for you.”

In 2013, Bunting’s life took a horrific turn. Bunting, who was CEO of a large security firm at the time was jailed on 16 charges of conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping and possible murder. After serving 10 months in jail and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and other contracts, Bunting won his fight on the third day of his trial in October 2015. A witness, who gave testimony, admitted he got paid to lie about Bunting’s involvement. Bunting was finally free.

Rebuilding his life, Bunting was in a fight for that life again in 2016. While attending Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Bunting suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Medical experts on the scene said Bunting was clinically dead for 16 minutes, with over 5,000 people watching. Suddenly, he came back to life, and a new journey was born as faith and writing became his strongest allies.

The author and motivational speaker has continued to write, telling stories with intensity and compassion. He has written 27 children’s books and 16 novels. Bunting’s most popular children’s book, Lion with No Roar: Finding his Calling, mirrors his life, telling a story of love, betrayal and redemption.

“Escaping a life sentence of the mind starts with letting go of self and the temptations of the world,” Bunting said. “My writings share lessons of perseverance and triumph and inspire children and adults to live life to its fullest.”


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