Lee County Tax Collector strives to create convenience

February 28, 2018 CONRIC PR

Change is hard. Anyone who’s had to try to figure out this year’s federal tax changes understands that all too well. But in Lee County, the only changes for 2018 aren’t in the tax code — they’re in the ways taxes are becoming easier to pay. Lee County Tax Collector Larry Hart is committed to upgrading service to county residents — or as Hart calls them, his customers.

“We want to be able to provide the best public service that we possibly can, because we have a responsibility to them,” Hart said. “We are the only place they can go. So, if we don’t take our customers seriously, then they’re going to be frustrated with us. We need to be able to provide service quickly.”

The tax collector’s services are detailed on leetc.com. Hart is proud of the website, and his office has worked to make it mobile-friendly and introduce new features like TagsToday®, which injects convenience into the annual hassle of renewing vehicle registration. Customers who are within five days of a birthday or have an expired registration can use the website to renew and, rather than waiting for the renewal sticker to be mailed, pick it up at the nearest tax collector’s office location — without waiting in line.

“They can walk in, they can pick it up and they can walk out the door,” Hart said.

Hart’s No. 1 goal is to make the tax collector’s office as much of a resource to the citizens of Lee County as it can be.

“I’ve been totally blessed to have this opportunity to be voted in by the citizens. It’s just a wonderful opportunity,” Hart said. “We do our very best to get the citizens who utilize our services in and out, and provide that technology so they can do a lot of this stuff from home.”

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