More exercise leads to improved cognition, better driving

March 28, 2019 CONRIC PR

Getting fit doesn’t just improve your body. It also helps you become a better driver, research shows. A study published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity found older adults who exercised at least three hours a week move and react more quickly while driving, saving key moments that could mean the difference between a crash and safe navigation.

The cognitive benefits of exercise aren’t just for older people, according to another study published earlier this year in the journal Neurology. Aerobic exercise for adults as young as 20 was shown to improve brain function, and it’s no stretch to understand how a brain that works better is an asset behind the wheel.

“Now that we’re at the height of season in Southwest Florida, our roads are congested to the max. We need every advantage we can get to stay safe out there,” State Farm agent Michael Sullivan said. “There are so many benefits to exercise, and this is one more.”

Exercise also boosts immunity, promotes better sleep, and minimizes the effects of anxiety, other research shows.

“It’s easy to see how healthier, more well-rested and less-stressed drivers would make the daily commute a safer and more pleasant experience,” agent Dawn Sullivan said.

The Sullivan State Farm Agency gives its employees two and a half hours of company time each week to take classes at the Orangetheory Fitness gym on Santa Barbara Boulevard, where the Sullivans pay for a membership that covers everyone on staff. The Sullivans have also begun a two-month fitness challenge, promising a bonus to the three employees who reduce their body mass index and body fat by the highest percentage. Plus, any member of the Sullivan team gets a $300 bonus if they attend 30 Orangetheory classes in eight weeks.

“At State Farm, we’re here to help life go right, so whatever we can do to help our employees get fit and put safer drivers on the road, we’ll do,” Dawn Sullivan said. “Protecting what people value most is our highest priority.”

The Sullivans encourage their clients to improve their fitness and their driving ability, too. Better driving helps prevent crashes, and fewer crashes mean lower rates.

Find out how the Sullivan State Farm Agency is finding creative ways to improve your life by following Mike on Facebook at @SFAgentSully and Dawn at @SFAgentDawn.

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