Republican Bryan Blackwell Calls for Lee County Legislative Delegation to Unite Against Gun Control

February 5, 2020 CONRIC PR

 Conservative Republican candidate for District 77 State Representative, Bryan Blackwell, called for the Lee County Legislative delegation to unite in opposition of Senate Bill 7028.

Senate Bill 7028 is a controversial bill that straddles private gun owners with new burdensome regulations and liabilities without providing any solutions. Blackwell is a decorated U.S. Marine Corps and Florida Army National Guard Veteran who took an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution for all threats, foreign and domestic. Accordingly he takes infringement on these rights very seriously.

“From a common sense standpoint, the bill does nothing to solve a problem. It doesn’t prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands, nor does it stop any crime from happening. It only adds red tape and liability to an otherwise lawful transaction. By doing this, Senate Bill 7028 infringes on our Second Amendment rights. My military career taught me the value of the U.S. Constitution and it must be defended at all costs. Lee County’s legislative delegation has a responsibility to uphold the Second Amendment and the rights of Floridians and I call on them today to stand united against Senate Bill 7028 and its anti-Second Amendment language.

I stand in opposition to this bill and any other that intends to limit our constitutional freedoms. When elected to the Florida House of Representatives, I vow to support the Second Amendment and will continue to defend our God given rights”, Blackwell concluded.

Paid by Bryan Blackwell, Republican, for State Representative, District 77

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