Parthivi Gupta


Graphic Designer

a little bit about me

Parthivi (pronounced par-thee-vee) or simply Parti is a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a strong passion for Social Media Strategy, UI/UX Design, and Print Design. Parti holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where she honed her design skills through collaborative industry projects under SCADpro, an innovative design studio at the institution. Notably, her portfolio includes projects for prominent brands such as Staples, Deloitte, and even the entertaining world of WWE. Parti’s design philosophy centers around creating captivating, functional, and memorable visual experiences. Her commitment to teamwork is evident in her belief that collaboration enhances creativity and innovation. Outside of her professional pursuits, Parti finds solace in the embrace of nature, and taking adorable pictures of her three mischievous cats. Her creative spirit extends to photography and a vibrant Instagram account where she shares her artistic creations with a dedicated following.


“The decision to join CONRIC stemmed from my admiration for the organization’s warm and collaborative work environment. I thrive in settings where the team genuinely cares about making a positive impact and where meaningful connections flourish. The tight-knit community at CONRIC aligned perfectly with my desire for personal and professional growth, where I am given the opportunity to learn from established industry professionals while also contributing my unique design talents to the team’s success. I’ve been looking forward to contributing my creativity and expertise to CONRIC’s mission and continuing to evolve as a designer in this dynamic and welcoming atmosphere.”

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