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Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in News |

Attorney Grossman presented “3 Tips to Improve Employee Performance, Increase Profits, & Reduce Lawsuits”

Attorney Grossman presented “3 Tips to Improve Employee Performance, Increase Profits, & Reduce Lawsuits”

Attorney and Mediator Keith Grossman, founder and managing partner of Grossman Law & Conflict Management, shared ways to improve employee performance, increase profits, and reduce lawsuits at the Small Business Resource Network, Southwest Florida Region meeting on April 18, 2013. Attorney Grossman’s presentation “3 Tips to Improve Employee Performance, Increase Profits, and Reduce Lawsuits,” provided these valuable tips as well as important things to consider during the employee recruiting and training processes. Attendees learned ways to increase employee performance and effectively manage conflict in the workplace.

 “Employees are a company’s largest asset, yet they are often the most overlooked,” says Grossman. “By understanding the importance of effective employee training and conflict management, businesses can help develop a more effective team of satisfied employees,” adds Grossman.

Understanding the value of effective training and employee manuals can help a company give their employees a better chance for success. Grossman presented tips on effective recruiting and training so companies can begin to build an effective team from the start.


“Many business professionals may forget the fact that managing conflict is an important part of managing employees,” Grossman explains. “My goal is to give businesses the tools and tips that they need to successfully manage conflict in the workplace,” says Grossman.

Attorney Keith Grossman of Grossman Law & Conflict Management has over 20 years of experience in and out of the courtroom and focuses his practice on employment law, conflict management, and family law. Grossman is a Family Mediator and Civil Mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court, a former Family Law Case Manager for Court Administration, and Past President of the Lee County Bar Association. He also helped to establish and supervise the Family Law Resource Center, a program designed to help families navigate the court system and reduce the conflict typically associated with the divorce process. Grossman handles marriage and family law cases involving divorce, child support, alimony, paternity, prenuptial agreements, parenting plans and time sharing. In the area of employment law and mediation, his services include human resources consulting, skills training workshops, independent employee investigations, and conflict management design and preventative practices. Grossman Law & Conflict Management is located at 7270 College Parkway, Suite 1,  in Fort Myers. For more information about family law, employment law, and conflict management services, call 239-210-7516, email or visit or