3 reasons why your content marketing campaigns are failing

January 24, 2022 CONRIC PR

A successful content marketing campaign is sometimes the most important piece in solving your brand awareness puzzle. The benefits of content marketing are undeniable, but many businesses aren’t able to execute their strategies correctly, leading to minimal growth.

Content marketing is an ever-growing industry, meaning the things you learn today may not be applicable in the future. If you’re having trouble getting the results you want from your content marketing, it might be time to switch things up. 

Here are 3 reasons why your content marketing campaigns are failing:

1. You don’t have a UNIQUE strategic plan

Studies have found that up to 67% of strategic plans fail because the traditional way of creating one is outdated. To avoid falling in this hole, try to think outside of the box when writing your strategic plans. Many people begin their strategy brainstorming with “We’re at point A and we want to get to point B.” While this sometimes works, it can be argued that reversing this thinking could more likely succeed. 

Mark Johnson, author of Lead From the Future, says that “future back-thinkers” are highly effective when creating strategic plans. This form of thinking can lead businesses on multiple paths, all leading to the end goal. With more paths, there are more opportunities, leading to a more strategic content marketing plan.

2. You aren’t utilizing video content

Video is a useful tool for any content marketing campaign. Instead of needing its own strategy, it can be used as an addition for your SEO strategy, social media strategy, and email marketing strategy. 

Businesses that invest time into creating videos see the highest boosts in website traffic. According to Wyzowl, 86% of marketers say that video has helped them increase traffic to their website and increased website dwell time. This is one major way to boost brand awareness since customers spend little to no time engaging with boring content. 

3. Your content isn’t engaging

Let’s review the need for consistent, high quality content when boosting your brand awareness. Without unique, fun content that brings attention to your brand, your content marketing strategy could fail. By spending ample time on engaging content, you will retain audience attention and generate industry authority.

When your audience enjoys the content you create, it boosts engagement, and brand loyalty. There are ways to create engaging content without spending too much time on the specifics. Starting out, make sure you are producing up-to-date content, and see what form of content is receiving the most attention. Moving forward, you can pinpoint which types of content are successful, whether it be video, blog, or social media.

A failing content marketing campaign isn’t something to worry too much about, since the world of marketing is ever-changing. The best way to learn is by analyzing the reaction your audience has to the content you’re creating.

If your campaigns are falling short of what your brand needs to succeed, feel free to reach out to CONRIC pr + marketing for all things content marketing related. We’re a full service marketing agency dedicated to the growth of your brand. Call us today at (239) 690-9840 for a free consultation.

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