Charity or Necessity: Why community work is essential for growth in your business and in yourself

September 7, 2016 CONRIC PR

Some people in the business world may say “When you are out of the office, you are losing money.” Is that a valid statement? In our culture today it seems as if we are chained by the ankle to an economic obligation. It is almost like money is what brings us happiness because we can go out and buy the latest and greatest products: phones, cars, TVs, etc. What if I told you that the intangibles are just as important? Or maybe I’ll even go out on a limb and say that what you do outside of the office can be more rewarding that what you do in the office.

To begin with, remember that your company is not a building, but it is a group of people coming together to achieve common goals. These common goals can be for the business itself or it can be aimed toward the people around you; everybody, no matter how similar or different you look, we all come from different aspects of life whether it’s social class, ethnicity, or geographically. My point is that the people around us are just as vital to a community as we are. This is why community service is so important because people matter, people are important.

First of all people have needs. Everyone has needs that must be met: food, clothing, shelter. Fortunately most people have ways to meet those needs, but for some every crumb of food is a miracle. Just think, after you get off of work you go to your home that has a nice warm bed surrounded by air at a temperature that you got to select. Here in Southwest Florida it gets very hot, those that cannot afford shelter have to walk inside random buildings or convenient stores just to cool down. As the fortunate, we have a social obligation to come to the aid of those that cannot meet their needs on their own.

Coming to the aid of the less fortunate does not have to be an individual effort. This is where we can start to incorporate our businesses. There are always opportunities to go out and serve as a group whether it is as simple as helping at a food shelter or helping out at a special needs baseball game. Doing this with your coworkers can even work as a team building exercise while, most importantly, meeting the needs of those that cannot do it on their own. You can never truly know someone if you stay in the same setting, once you do projects with your coworkers you’ll be able to see them in different ways and may even find common interests.

Lastly, going out and doing work in the community as a business will boost morale for the workplace and others will get to see this positive image. To clarify, the intent of doing community service is not for the applause of onlookers but it just so happens that you will be recognized for it in some way. Think about it, if two companies had the exact same product but company one is known for giving their profits toward giving shoes to the kids in underprivileged kids over seas and company 2 doesn’t have a positive reputation. Who would you buy the product from? Serving your community most importantly benefits those that are in need, but it can also benefit yourself and promote a positive image for your company.

As a collective effort, community service can work wonders for some people, maybe even change some lives or even help give them another day to live. It is simply our social obligation to give back and use our many resources to impact the less fortunate. Doing this with your coworkers can strengthen the workplace by spending time doing good outside of the office. And lastly, community service can help make a positive image for your business.

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