Marketing and public relations specialists collaborate for the gold

May 9, 2014 CONRIC PR

In the film “The Italian Job,” a team of specialists convene for a common purpose, each possessing extreme talents and quirks. Take Stella, with the euphemistic title of “professional safe and vault technician.” Her dad is also on the team, but employs more traditional techniques to crack safes, while she prefers a high-tech approach. “Left Ear” is a demolition and explosives expert. “Wrench” is the mechanic who engineers the Minis to carry their bullion. Charlie Croker is the mastermind who decides to steal $35 million of a competing crime syndicate’s ill-gotten gold.

When considering a public relations and marketing company to help take your business to the next level, you will likely encounter team members who are likewise crack technicians, visionaries and creative prodigies. The common purpose probably won’t be a gold heist, and while their extreme talents are impressive, your business will realize better results if all the actors can collaboratively leverage their separate strengths to plan and implement a strategy to bolster your bottom line.

At CONRIC PR & Marketing | Publishing, we have players who are digital strategy masterminds, graphic design savants, rock star writers, publishing mavens, advertising aces and media placement pros. As impressive as their individual credentials and decades of experience are, they mean nothing without a fierce dedication to a common purpose: you, the client.

And to best serve the client, each of these specialists must be willing to work across job descriptions and help design the marketing and public relations approach that makes sense for your business or organization. That commitment to collaboration is one of the things that makes CONRIC unique. And while we think that adds up to marketing gold, you’re going to have to find someone else to go get that actual gold.

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