Professional photography: you call the shots

June 5, 2017 CONRIC PR

“A picture says a thousand words” – that old saying has never rung truer than in today’s fast-paced content driven world, making hiring a professional photographer more important than ever. More than a high-quality image, photographers deliver a professional face for your business, tell your story and show the world you are a company to be trusted.

Customers connect better with companies that are genuine. Photos of your business, products, employees and events let your customers know who you are and what you’re about. Using your own photography over stock photos can mean a distinct competitive advantage. With the emergence of digital marketing and its heavy role in today’s marketing tactics, high-quality images can help any new business compete with established market leaders.

Even the most well-crafted flyer or website can be ruined with a blurry or poorly produced image. Photos with 300 dpi (dots per inch) or more are considered high-resolution images. All photographers will provide their images in this high-quality format. Professional photographers also bring experience in all of the considerations that ensure a successful photo shoot such as lighting, props, positioning, wardrobe and overall imagery. These important elements all lend themselves to achieving the best imagery possible to represent your business.

High-quality images can form the building blocks of a cohesive message among all of your marketing materials. Consider the role of quality photography at the start of your marketing plan. It’s not an overstatement that your image is only as good as your photos.

Professional photographers allow you to call the shots in how people perceive your business. That’s a pretty good investment.

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