So long, statuses: how video is taking over your Facebook feed (and the world)

June 22, 2016 CONRIC PR

If a picture is worth a thousand words…then a video must be worth a million. With our current society that is visually oriented, it’s no surprise that pictures, gifs and videos all succeed in making more of an impact with people than regular text. Our brains are capable of processing visual information 60,000 times faster than text, meaning that we’re able to make connections and engagements faster with visuals (specifically video).

Don’t believe me that video is hugely important? Here’s some science (and an awesome infographic) for you:

85% of internet-users in the U.S. watch videos online. Of this 85%, there are 46% that “take action” after watching a video and 96% that click on links after watching a video. 64% have bought products after watching a video and 90% stated that watching a video helped them in their decision-making process when buying a product.

Oh, and according to Syndacast, 74% of ALL internet traffic will be video by the year 2017 (next year).

Is this proof enough that video has the potential to engage and sell? Whether your business objective is to inspire, entertain, educate or increase brand awareness, you can achieve this goal through video.

Have you scrolled through your Facebook feed recently?

It seems like 99.9% of the postings on Facebook are shared videos. Whether it’s a 15 second video on how to make a grilled shrimp and avocado salad (because, #health) or a 30 second clip of a puppy trying to howl for the first time (#adorable) it’s quite apparent that we are utilizing video more than ever to connect with others. In fact, Facebook announced last year that its video viewership doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day in a period of just 7 months. Additionally, more minutes are watched per day on Facebook than on YouTube, the original video-watching site. Not only is this a testament to the potential of video as a tool to engage viewers, but it also highlights a new largely influential and profitable method of bringing in advertising money.

P.S. Snapchat and Twitter are equally as influential in the realm of video marketing, but we don’t have time to talk about that today.

Social media is a fantastic tool in which you can leverage the full potential of video marketing, but remember that though visuals (including pictures gifs, and videos) attract the attention of the audience, the content is the substance that connects your company to the consumer. The content is what will keep those individuals listening and following- leading your brand to success.

Are you already utilizing video marketing? Congrats! Don’t forget these 2 crucial steps for better video marketing:

  • Be strategic

Much like tweeting and posting on social media, you want to consistently share relevant video. Forbes recommends to think of this in terms of a series. Develop a publishing schedule to help you maintain this content.

Perfect the art of a 10 second or less video, which is easier for sharing on Vine, Twitter and Instagram. Not only does this attract more viewers due to its short form, but it can also challenge you to be as concise as possible while conveying your message.

Develop a theme for your videos, whether it revolves around tutorials and tips, a call to action or even consumer generated content. Additionally, don’t forget to maximize on those viral videos that relate to your brand. For example, Chewbacca Mom received $3,000 from Kohl’s and Hasbro made a Chewbacca Mom action figure. Great for publicity, and a wonderful way to engage consumers.

  • Measure

ProTip: success doesn’t mean going viral. Also, getting a ton of video views doesn’t equate success either. So then, how can you actually measure? Find out “who is watching the video, how long they are remaining engaged, what portions are re-watched, exactly when conversions are happening, and other engagement inflection points that impact your top-line” (thanks, Convince and Convert).

Need some video marketing inspiration? HubSpot made a list of 7 spectacular video campaigns from top brands.

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