Why you should include press releases in your marketing strategy

March 19, 2019 CONRIC PR

One of the most powerful ways to market your business online is with a press release. It’s simple yet extremely effective when optimized correctly for newswires, readers and search engines.

But what exactly is a press release and what’s the purpose? Press releases are tools to distribute messages from your company, manage crises and create buzz.

Think about the big events you’re planning for your business, or the remarkable milestone your business recently achieved. Does anyone know about it? How are you planning to spread the word to gain brand awareness?

“You wouldn’t throw a party without sending invitations, so don’t expect media coverage unless you let the media know what’s going on. A press release essentially tells the media, ‘This is noteworthy, and your audience wants to know about it, so don’t miss out on the story,’” according to Chuck Myron, communications editor at CONRIC PR & Marketing.

One of the primary advantages of putting together a press release is that it allows you to control the message that will be distributed to the masses. It’s an opportunity to position your business as a singular source of expertise within your industry.

“Press releases reach a very large audience at very little cost. Additionally, they can lead to more coverage from the media and more audience reach at no additional cost,” said Josh Milton, CONRIC PR & Marketing vice president of media relations.

The key to a successful press release is to make sure it is both timely and newsworthy. Press releases should be kept for the significant stories that will make an impression and are “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.” While there is a general format that is expected, it’s important for your press release to have a voice and personality.

Your press release should be distributed to local, national and international media outlets. The goal is to have your release picked up by as many media outlets as possible.

Your release should include backlinks and search-optimized content to position your information in front of a larger audience. Why? Because if you earn coverage from an established organization, viewers will be searching for a link to click on that will take them back to your website, subsequently increasing your website traffic and rankings.

Don’t forget we are living in a very social world. Every day, more and more people are relying on social media to gather their news. That’s why it’s imperative to consider digital platforms in your marketing strategy.

Press releases are a vital part of an all-encompassing marketing strategy. Our team at CONRIC is eager to help you put one together. Call us at 239-690-9840 and we’ll get started today.

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