The Power of Strong Team with Connie Ramos-Williams

June 9, 2016 CONRIC PR

Our President and CMO, Connie Ramos-Williams, was recently a guest on Erica Queenie Castner’s show “Power Factor: Biz Chat” and spent some time discussing the power of a strong team and ways we can fight burnout. Check out the summary of the podcast below, and listen for yourself HERE!

Connie Ramos-Williams is the President & CMO at CONRIC PR & Marketing. She and her team have won numerous local, regional and state awards for branding, public relations, marketing, advertising and publishing campaigns that they have created for clients. Clients include banks, hospitals, airports, organizations, nonprofits, restaurants, politicians, retailers, manufacturers, builders and developers.

Today’s show begins with Connie’s appreciation for her team at CONRIC. They recently moved into a new office. Everyone loves the new space.

With all the moving parts of the company, she is proud of what her team is able to accomplish.

Connie is super passionate about giving business owners the confidence to tell their story.

Connie’s superpower? Being a good listener and being present.

Her advice on creating balance? She self-admits, she’s not the best at this but she shares with us this: Understand where to step back and at the end of the work week, reconnect with those who matter the most. It’s also important to schedule personal time.

A moment when Connie didn’t feel so powerful: She shares with us the growing pains of her team and the challenges that come with it.

How does Connie recharge her batteries? Being outdoors, going to the beach, watching the beautiful Southwest Florida sunsets.

A resource that helps her: Critical Mention

When is it a good time to bring on a public relations and marketing team? Connie has some excellent advice on this matter…She also shares that she doesn’t wear all the operational hats in her business. She has help from others that are skilled at those tasks.

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