Cape Coral business launches product line focused on founder’s invention

October 25, 2015 CONRIC PR

Experience an inspired vision at Arinsco Optics’ Open house on Nov. 4

Arinsco Optics invites the public to attend an open house from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4 to discover how a local inventor’s curiosity has led to the creation of a new, dynamic way to enjoy television, movies, games and presentations. Along with giveaways, food, refreshments and networking, visit the new company at 4524 SE 16th Place, Suite 4 Cape Coral to discover its newly unveiled product line, C3D, and meet the inventor behind the idea.

The C3D line of non-corrective glasses employ revolutionary technology that offers a richly enhanced viewing experience at home without the need for a 3D television and at the movies for the price of a regular show. For just $25 per pair, the patent-pending technology of the C3D glasses brings the action to life for family television or home theater viewing, gaming on a desktop computer or mobile device, and professional presentations with unprecedented polish.

Arinsco’s Principal Les Hardison is an engineer who, although retired, is constantly seeking to discover the “how” behind humans’ experience of depth, time and place. He developed C3D after contemplating and researching the mechanism of depth perception in the eye and brain. He has been granted a patent on a non-wearable device that provides a 3D viewing experience by applying mirror images. C3D applies the same principles using a special film integrated onto comfortable, lightweight eyeglass lenses, and is a practical, affordable product that more users will get to enjoy.

The C3D Glasses product, which enables the user’s two eyes to view separateSwimmer pic images that the brain is then able to integrate into one, rich viewing experience, is expected to become a popular holiday gift item for everyone in the family. Visitors to can take a simple vision test to determine if C3D will truly enhance their viewing experience, based on their existing depth perception function.

Jennifer Jahn of Arinsco Optics said, “Les is one of those people who is never content to accept the current standard of innovation, and is always pushing to make the world better. We’re excited to bring his vision to market and enhance the everyday experience and enjoyment of our customers.”

About Arinsco Optics

Arinsco Optics, located in Cape Coral, Florida, is a trustworthy company that offers 2D-to-3D glasses for the whole family. Les Hardison, a retired engineer, is the principal owner of Arinsco Optics who has patents pending for the C3D products to help people affordably enjoy the 3D effect on a regular flat screen TV set. Visit or call (239) 257-2312 to find out more, or drop by the store at 4524 SE 16th Place, Suite 4 Cape Coral, Florida.

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