M&S Cape Homes, LLC forms to build creative “flex-house” solution

November 25, 2014 CONRIC PR

Long-time builders Mark Steinberg and Raymond Masciana have teamed up to launch M&S Cape Homes, LLC, a Cape Coral-based company that has pioneered a new home product designed to meet the changing needs of modern homebuyers. This new home looks and lives like a single-family home with a three-car garage, but it has an elegant secret. The “flex-house” is actually a two-family home, complete with a full guest suite and an optional pass through door.

Masciana and Steinberg were motivated to develop a new housing solution to serve homeowners who require the flexibility to accommodate aging parents, children and grandchildren, returning military service members or relatives with special needs. The guest suite serves as a second residence with full kitchen and second entrance, while the design is conscious of private living for both parties, and can also provide additional income as a rental property. In the past, many families were forced to convert garages into separate living areas, and the “flex-house” provides a more dignified, comfortable lifestyle for all involved.

M&S has completed construction of a model home, located at 415 Nicholas Parkway in Cape Coral, which is now available for viewing and sale. The home is built with ICF construction, which eliminates virtually all outside noise, cuts cooling costs in half and is extremely hurricane resistant. Hurricane impact rated glass and tinted windows also come standard with M&S homes, eliminating worry about shutters or storms and helping homeowners realize additional energy and insurance cost savings. The cathedral ceilings further enhance the spaciousness of the open-concept floor plan. The home features two fully equipped kitchens, laundry room with a full-size washer and dryer, and private garages with separated driveways.

This property is located near Lake Kennedy, a growing area of Cape Coral that is convenient for commuting and is close to shopping, dining, entertainment and all the recreation and natural beauty Southwest Florida has to offer. The builder also has three other similar homes ready for construction in that area.

Steinberg, who is also the founder of local builder Fremar Construction, said, “We’re excited to offer a well built home that provides a lot of room for families to grow and change, while maintaining an elegant home footprint that will fit in aesthetically with any single-family neighborhood. The days of converting garages into a separate living residence are thankfully over.”

Masciana, a developer and property manager with a background in urban planning, said, “The needs of homebuyers are changing, and we launched M&S to be responsive to those needs. We strive to offer independent, private living and the pride of home ownership to the residents of both sides of these homes, with the ability to share costs or gain rental income.”

About M&S Cape Homes LLC

M&S Cape Homes LLC was formed to provide expertly crafted, elegant home solutions to accommodate the changing needs of the modern homebuyer. Mark Steinberg, a long-time Cape Coral builder, and Ray Masciana, a developer and property manager with a background in urban planning, came together to build a two-family home that looks and lives like a one-story home. This “flex-home” fits in with any single-family neighborhood, and provides discreet side-by-side living for families and their aging parents, adult children with grandchildren, relatives with special needs, returning military service members or seasonal guests. The attached residence can also be a source of rental income. For more information, visit www.mandscapehomes.com or call (239) 362-3173.

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