Oasis Senior Advisors names Sharon Cupach VP of Franchise Development

June 12, 2018 CONRIC PR

Sharon Cupach believes a shared vision is the cornerstone of success. Her confidence in the goals and leadership behind Bonita Springs, Florida-based Oasis Senior Advisors has played a key role in the franchisor’s rapid growth, and her recent promotion to Vice President of Franchise Development reflects the company’s commitment to helping people find the right place.

“I’m just thrilled to be a part of Oasis as VP, and I’m so excited to see where this is going to go,” Cupach said. “I’m excited about this company, what we do and how important our franchisees are in their communities.”

The new position will empower Cupach to do more of what she’s done since joining Oasis four months after its inception in 2014: Find the best possible franchisees and give them the tools to carry out the company’s mission of connecting families with senior living solutions that fit their needs.

“Making personal connections and building trust is at the core of our business,” Oasis Senior Advisors CEO Tim Evankovich said. “Sharon embodies that. She is a perfect ambassador for Oasis, and I know as VP she’s in a position for success.”

Oasis has 67 franchisees in 28 states, and most of them were Cupach’s recruits. Seeing all of them at the company’s recent convention in Orlando, Florida, reminded her of the meaning behind her work.

“It touched my heart. I was so proud of them as franchisees and business owners,” Cupach said. “This is about education and trying to help somebody understand their opportunity to become a business owner.”

Cupach takes managing those opportunities seriously. She has honed her business acumen through 18 years in the franchising business, working for three different franchisors and as an independent consultant before joining Oasis in 2014.

She’s grateful for those previous opportunities and proud of the work she did before, but she believes nothing compares to working with the infrastructure and the systems in place at Oasis.

“It makes it easier to represent a model when you have a strong system, when I can be proud of what we provide to our franchisees in order to help them represent us to the people we serve,” Cupach said.

To learn more about how Oasis Senior Advisors supports its franchisees, visit oasissenioradvisors.com.

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