Our Mother’s Home hires Viodelka Moreira as new executive director

May 5, 2021 CONRIC PR

Our Mother’s Home (OMH), an organization that helps transition teen mothers and their children from foster care to stable, productive lives, has recently filled its Executive Director position with the hiring of Viodelka Moreira. Moreira has an extensive background in education administration, teaching, and psychology.

Meeting Our Mother’s Home criteria for the position was not an easy task. They sought a multi-talented person with executive director experience, experience with children, a business and education background, a master’s degree, and someone compassionate and comfortable with children.

To help find this uniquely qualified person, OMH initiated a national search using the expertise of a search firm. After several months and many interviews, the right person was found – Viodelka Moreira.

A New York native, Moreira worked several years as a legal secretary when she realized it wasn’t her calling. Her desire to work with children and in the field of mental health led her back to school, where she received an education that would prepare her to work with, train, and mentor children and young adults. Moreira earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

“I didn’t find education; it found me,” explained Moreira. Following college, she spent the next eight years teaching younger age children in Manhattan grade schools. From there, she served to oversee four schools on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In these roles, Moreira focused on early childhood education and oversaw the early childhood program at three schools.

“We loved her background in our environment, her proven track record of success, and her history in the education and curriculum arena. Also, she’s bilingual, a skill that’s been needed in our program as up to 40% of our girls are Spanish speaking,” explained Barbara Saxton, board president of Our Mother’s Home.

“When I came across this opportunity, a spark lit,” Moreira said. “It not only felt right, but this was also everything I wanted to do with my career. It was like this was meant to be.” Coincidentally, when. Moreira applied for the position, she had just moved to the Fort Myers area and was working remotely.

“I fell in love with Our Mother’s Home when I saw what they were doing – helping girls with trauma, giving them an education, teaching young moms how to care for their babies, so they have the opportunity to raise them. It’s an amazing mission. I love it. I love what I do – what we do – and where I work. I look forward to a future of continued growth and service,” said Moreira.

Moreira has four primary areas of focus for Our Mother’s Home. Her vision is to bring more education to the program, provide for the development of the whole child – educationally, emotionally, and socially, help girls transition to independence and expand Our Mother’s Home.

Moreira has been a foster mom for a year, caring for a seven- and ten-year-old, and has twelve godchildren.

To learn more about Our Mother’s Home or schedule a meeting with Viodelka Moreira, call 239-267-4663 or visit ourmothershome.org.

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