Six Tips for Successful Social Media Videos

September 7, 2020 CONRIC PR

Social media videos are all the rage. From short video loops on TikTok to online shows on IGTV, the internet is alive with video. Digital Marketing Director Joe Loverde, is our resident videographer. He loves telling stories for our clients from behind the lens. He also knows a thing or two about how to get the biggest bang out of the videos that you put out on your social media platforms. 

 Here are 6 tips from Joe on how to get the most from your social media videos:

  • Plan the video so it has a beginning, middle and end with a call to action to close.

  • While you don’t need fancy equipment, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a cheap tripod so even your cellphone can create a nice, steady video. It’s amazing how far steady video goes towards making your videos look professional!

  • Lighting is extremely important. Pay attention to your surroundings and don’t be afraid to move your set around to get the best lighting possible. Natural light tends to be best, but be careful about placing your subject with strong light behind them– back-lit subjects are hard to see.

  • Look in the app store for easy-to-use editing software. There are many out there that require a very small learning curve and are accessible to all skill levels.

  • Keep it quick. Attention spans on social media are extremely short so make sure to keep your video brief and to the point. (One exception to this rule is Facebook, who will organically share your video more frequently if it’s over 3 minutes in length.) Use music, if you can, to help draw attention from serial scrollers

  • Have fun! Social media is for quick expression and it doesn’t hurt to be a little goofy from time to time. It will lighten the mood and highlight the personality of your brand. 

Videos are a fun and easy way to get your brand’s message across any social media platform. Make sure you are getting the most engagement from your videos! Joe and his digital team at CONRIC are ready to help make your video dreams a reality!

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